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June 17, 2004

I've got one last thing - I'm starting to believe that the symbols at Sigma Octanis and Reach were created by Humans, rather than Forerunners. Why would a race trying to study or contain a species - in what I would assume to be seclusion - point the way to its cage? Instead, I think the Humans put those symbols there to make sure that if the Flood were ever released again (is "broken covenant" of any Biblical significance?) they would know where to go in order to kill them. I just can't reconcile this with the fact that the Covenant knew where to look for the stones, though.

Perhaps such a hypothetical earlier human civilization had a secondary purpose in putting those symbols where they might be found. After all, might there be some of us who would realize that we had left those for ourselves? Would our previous selves trust us that much? Are we worthy of such trust? Hypothetically speaking, of course? ;-)

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