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June 17, 2004 ( writes:

I'm not sure if anybody's suggested this before, but it seems everybody thinks that the Forerunners were human. What if they were, instead, our overlords?

I can't help but wonder if maybe the humans were at one point enslaved or created by the Forerunners - in the Bible, God made a "Covenant" with Noah (or just humanity in general, but I can't remember, nor can I find my Bible at the moment) that he would never unleash a "Flood" again. Now, the Flood part is obvious. And I'm sure that it's been postulated before that the Covenant may have been created or commanded (or something) by the Forerunner to guard the Halo installations.

Now, there are obviously some problems with this idea, but I've got a few answers to those questions, too. Since the Spartans seem to be eerily familiar with Forerunner stuff - the light bridge comes to mind, as does the Reach underground with the symbols and everything - it seems to suggest that at some point in our far past, the humans were created by the Forerunners and would, subsequently, gain an intimate knowledge of their constructs and language and all that. Now, have there been any people aside from Spartans that have been oddly familiar with Forerunner things? It a long shot, but maybe it has to do with the augmentations Dr. Halsey made to them - a side effect of the reaction speeding, perhaps. IIRC, it increased the speed of information inside their brains? It isn't impossible that such an unexplored surgical procedure could enhance other abilities, like increased capacity to access genetic memory.

Good point. The uncanny abilities that the SPARTANs have with certain Forerunner elements has always pointed to some kind of relationship between the two, but, as always, the specific definition eludes us. Perhaps we have found a way to tap into our "inner Forerunner."

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