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September 13, 2004

Back to the Future

Bryan Gersbeck ( writes:

In First Strike when the Ascendant Justice goes into the slipspace bubble they go back in time; to September 12 to be precise. Meanwhile, on September 19 the Pillar Of Autumn reaches Halo. And ~4 days later it explodes. So does that mean that Halo was never destroyed, or are there two Master Chiefs due to the fact that there's one MC on Halo and another one on the flagship? If you get confused think of it like the Back to the Future movies. How he sees himself in the past. I'm confused!

Never fear; you may not be the only one. The non-linearity of the Halo story line is now undeniable. However, whether this time fluctuation was merely a device to get the Chief back to Reach in time to be involved, or if Bungie intends to continue to exploit it, is unknown. It is hard to say, considering that the crystal seemed to have wanted to be found by the Chief; John's place as the "Jjaro boxer equipped Eternal Hero" is once again confirmed, and we are left wondering: what other purposes do the Forerunner (or their relics) possess?

You know, maybe you're right. Keyes would still be "alive" technically. And the first Halo Teaser did feature the voice of Keyes, only this time as an Admiral. Hmmm... if he was still alive, that doesn't sound like a bad promotion to me ;)

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