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September 13, 2004

It is an old riddle by now; a riddle not fully exhausted however: "Who or what would wear a Halo?" This clue, given by Eric "now-departed-from-the-Halo-
world" Trautmann during an HSP interview, had to due with little eggs or secrets in the books. Not anything that would reveal tru7h necessarily, but that would shed new light on key elements of the novels. Apparently there are many of these throughout, but we work with what we have...

It is not the small holographic Halo on the headdress of the Prophets. Neither is it the giant ring circling the Unyielding Hierophant. Prophets, the Dead, Saints, John the Baptist... cold. Angels? Well, as you might recall from back in April, progress was made in the area of fallen Angels, the apparent "answer" to the clue. It is a long post, but good speculation is there for those who read.

Of this ilk, and far more recently, Frankie G ( and A. N.-W. write:

i went searching... and this is what i found..... I remebered one fallen Angel (you can thank the movie: Dogma LOL).... our old Fallen Angel : Azeral!!


* Azeral was the one who taught men to make weapons ( i think.. weapons like HALO-04!!!)
* the word "watchers" ( i think.. forerunners, moniter?)
* the mentioning of the flood that whiped out all life ( i think.... well you know what the word "Flood" means to us!)


It may be unrelated, but Ackerson's watchdog, Araqiel - it's name means "one who has dominion over the earth".

There is a slough of lore on this subject, most inevitably linking Azazel (Azreal) and, more importantly, our friend Araquiel, as "Watchers'", the Gregori, etc.

This book spent some time conspicuously flagged on Trautmann's blog. How certain entries may relate to the future of characters in the Halo universe remains to be seen...

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