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September 28, 2004


Gamesradar has posted the full text of the previously mentioned Halo 2 article from the October issue of Edge Magazine. A pleasant read, but one particularly eye-catching fragment reads thus:

"How about this for a Halo 2 creature you've never heard of before: a Drinol Beast, a sort of hairless, grey monster with one eye - although there are other drawings of it with two eyes so you can't take for granted that it's going to make the final game."

And though he goes on to remind us that there is the possibility that Bungie's twisted sense of humour has thrown red-herrings about to fuel their own sadistic mirth, the similarities of this creature to a certain Hulk from Marathon are to much to ignore (or perhaps that is what they hoped we'd think ;) :

The Hulk is an enormous and rather slow creature, but it is incredibly strong. The science report indicated that it had no body fat, and therefore had to be fed often to keep it active. One crew member reported seeing one of these creatures pointing to itself and mumbling "Drinniol" right before it "picked Johnny up by the shirt and crushed him against a pillar".


(Update: More several recent speculations on the H2 "Conversations..." booklet have brought up the possibility that the mysterious "Sharquoi" could in fact be the Drinol. This idea has been enforced by staff hints/comments such as it is "Very freaking dangerous", mentions on the Making Of DVD that the Drinol beast was to be a fierce creature kept in chains and released only in frontline situations, and the coinciding revelation of the Covenantís names for themselves.)

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