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October 15, 2004

Theicewolf ( writes:

Many have noticed that the Covanant Elites have two styles of helmet: one with backwards-facing, deadly looking spikes, and one that has a bizzare forward-facing semi-circleon the sides of the helmet(Tina Leyk has demonstraited this very clearly in some of the fan art). Why these different styles?I beleive that they are gender-markers. The spikes are male, and thesemi-circle are females.
My reason for beleiving this that the numberof semi-circles is fewer in number than spikes. This might be because of a mildpredjudice i.e. most females are seen as fit to be in the ArmedForces, they are weaker/slower than the males, makingwhatever tests needed to enter the military tough for them, ormost see fighting as "beneith" them; they don't share the blood-lust of the males.

Female Elites. If ever there were an idea to strike mortal terror into the steely hearts of battle-hardened, cybernetically-enhanced super-soldiers, that's gotta be it.

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