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October 15, 2004

Funkmon ( writes:

The forerunners maybe had several different races included in them, much like the Covenant.

Which could explain why they disappeared. Perhaps the black sheep of the Forerunners could have allied themselves with the Covenant slaves, then drove off the Forerunners. Put them in hiding. Of course, the Covenant would then destroy the former allies, who had given them forerunner technology. Eventually, all that would be left are the Covenant. And the forerunners. After hundreds of thousands of years, the technology of the forerunners got lost, and they remerged as the Human Race.

This would explain the Holy War of the Covenant against humankind. The Prophets identified us as past forerunners, and then, to prevent being enslaved once again, told lies to the rest of the Covenant that we were the scourge of the universe, rather than telling them that we were the forerunners they have been studying for so long.

Interesting. A lot has been mentioned about potential connections to the Starhammer series of books by Christopher Rowley, but this brings to mind another book of his, Golden Sunlands. One aspect of the story it tells is of a once-great civilization, spread out over vast distances, and the varying degrees of de-evolution that occur to different groups of the same original race(s). Now, just tossing an idea out there for general perusal, we know that the Prophets originated on a world which was near enough to a Forerunner artifact for it to heavily influence their development. Imagine if there was more to it than that. Imagine the possibilities if one or more races within the Covenant heirarchy had a history far longer than even they remember. ;-)

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