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October 15, 2004 ( writes:

The scene of the Longsword and the galaxy at the end of Halo has got me thinking about the location of Halo in our galaxy. I think that Halo could be in a globular cluster located on the Halo, the sparsely populated region extending above and beyond the spiral arms of the disk of the galaxy. Or it could be located at the end of one of the spiral arms of the galaxy. I prefer to think it is located in a globular cluster because this would provide the clear view of the galaxy shown. I also think that the galaxy shown could be the Andromeda galaxy, our nearest neighboring galaxy. Could this be were the Forerunner now reside?

Also Halo 04 cannot be located within any human territory because the Sol system is located on the inner edge of the Orion arm which is one of the center arms of the disk of our galaxy. So any star system for tens of thousands of light-years around would not be able to have a clear view because of interstellar dust and gas clouds that would obscure the clear view of the galaxy.

We've always wondered if the stars and galaxies visible throughout the game could be identified. Perhaps...


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