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February 13, 2002

Our own Louis Wu sent in something to the Story page here a little while ago, and I've decided to put it up as a kind of homework assignment for you all. (Stop that groaning in the back row!) Check out this link, then get Starhammer, by Christopher Rowley.

Louis Wu ( writes:

A couple of weeks ago, Jason Jones mentioned 'Starhammer' as an influence. I just finished it...

Your assignment is twofold:

1. Determine the influences, if any, that Bungie has taken from this book.
2. Describe ways that Bungie has elaborated on, or differed from, the storyline in the book, in terms of the game.

Remember, literary influences on video games can be a tricky thing. I want five pages, double-spaced, on my desk by next Wednesday.

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