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October 15, 2004

Jan Clawson ( writes:

I was reading the 2nd book (Halo: The Flood) today, the part where the ODSTs invade the T&R. Several of the scenes take place on the Covenant bridge. No big deal right?

Well, where's the Keyes blob? The MC didn't kill it, just Keyes. Plus, if you shoot the blob (which provides hours of enjoyment) it twitches and moves.

My point is, that the blob moved. It might not have gone down with the ship. Which stills allows it, in theory, to still be alive. It "downloaded" a lot of info. from the Captain. Maybe enough to learn how to pilot an escape pod (Cortana says to the chief to get to an escape pod in "The Maw") or fighter. And, wouldn't there be fighters and escape pods on the T&R?

What if that wasn't the only information it got. For all we know, it got the coordinates of Earth or some other colony.

So, even after death, Keyes still may be our Saviour, or our downfall.

It would seem that the Flood have been completely stopped, what with the destruction of Halo and all. However, those little buggers were pretty tenacious, surviving as long as they did with no apparent "host" organisms around. Their survival in hard vaccuum wouldn't be too surprising (There's also another possibility ;-)). As always, time will tell.

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