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October 15, 2004

paulicus ( writes:

After much speculation about which covenant species will 'side' with the humans or which covenant will differ from the covenant as a whole, I believe that there is very good piece of evidence right under our noses, that up until now ( I forgive anyone who may have posted this) doesn't seemed to have made as big an impact to our theories.

Towards the end of First strike (the book) - after the masterchief watches admiral stanforth go up in a nuclear inferno along with the Unyeilding Heirophant, MC and the other spartans head to Earth.

In the ship that they return to Earth in are no less than 2,000 COVENANT engineers.....

we all know this right.....

But its when they get back to Earth, and the Engineers give a hand to the ONI technicians that I am wondering what we can expect?

I mean those little dudes would know a helluva lot of Covie secrets and provide the struggling human forces with at least - a technological understanding of Forerunner facilites and weaponry, artificial gravity generation (as seen in the covie ships) ...........
and well, the list would go on I would imagine.

I also understand that there is little, if any, time before the Master Chief arrives to Earth with the Engineers, so perhaps there is still not enough time for the Engineers to give us a hand.: (

Excellent point. We can only hope that there is time to take advantage of the comprehensive knowledge of the "little dudes", not to mention their innate helpfulness.

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