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January 11, 2005

While we evolve to cope with Halo 2, we're trying to keep some good theories back, but this one fits in nicely.

Master-Chief ( writes:

In regards to the discussion about the blue pulse-laser things on the second level of Halo. At the end of Halo 2, right before the ring is stopped from activating, you see lots of little blue pulse blobs coming from all surfaces of the ring. They gather in the center of the ring and glow. I believe this is Halo charging up to fire. Then of course it is aborted by the yellow one from the control center.

I think that these pulse-laser blue things are the capacitors of Halo, they have generators deep underground at the location of the beam emitters. These charge up capacitors, or Halo's equivalent of it. However, these generators are eternally operating, so the capacitors get full. When this happens, they discharge. When the ring is called to activate, the thousands, or tens of thousand of these emitters release the beam things which gather at the center of the ring, therefore giving it the power to fire.

It's always been thought, but it's nice to see the pretty blue lines operating outside of the asthetic factor.

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