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January 17, 2005

One bright spark leads to another tangent, I suppose. By the last Halo game, we'll definitely have an operating theory for the way these rings work.

irshDBV ( writes:

When Pentinent Tangent, the monitor of Installation 05, is speaking with the Prophet of Regret, he mentions that the rings are able to fire at any given moment, having succesfully completed 1.2 trillion simulations and one actual firing.
I figured that those simulations might have some relation to those beams from the second level of the first Halo and their ever elusive purpose. What if all the beams, seemingly shooting to the other side of the ring were, in fact simulations?

On Installation 04, the beams are blue, as are the Covenant plasma rifles, which means, due to the newer architecture of Halo 04 compared to Halo 05, and possible newer technology, the Halos seem a lot different. Perhaps this is where some human and Covenant technology derived from. Also, the Covenant knew of Installation 04, and only that one, so that stands as a reasonable source for their advanced technology.

I admit, the thought of the different levels of technology in each Halo intrigues me. How long does it take to build a Halo, and how many technological advancements can a race make in that time?

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