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January 24, 2005

(Shhh... I got a day pass ;)

Look back, waaay back...

... to Metatron's Spartan/Hang 'em High Theory: Tombstones for Everybody!

There are 68 "tombstones" on the MP map Hang Em High. Of course, that number by itself isn't interesting. However, when you subtract 68 from 75, which is the number of Spartan II's (75 Spartans), then you get the number 7 ... that's not the abnormal part. At the end of First Strike there are 7 Spartan II's who aren't listed as KIA/MIA, which would leave 68 of the original Spartan IIs dead or MIA (Spartans never die:), hence there being 68 tombstones!

7 known surviving Spartan II's, 68 KIA/MIA Spartan II's, 68 tombstones in Hang Em High... just another crazy coincidence?

It's pretty hard to find a consistent count in the books as to how many Spartans survived augmentation, let alone how many are left now (try the math; its scary), but his idea does have the odd ring of truth to it. :)

(And while we're espousing strange multiplayer-based ideas, you may as well check out Saint's post using Derelict to identify Halo as "Deep Space Anomaly #0198". Hey, nobody said the news had to be recent ;)

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