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February 14, 2002

More on the Kill Your Television terminal.

Erik ( writes:

Regarding the "Kill Your Television" text,

A couple things that jumped out at me,

1. My guess is that Durandal was the author of the text. The author speaks of being called hundreds of names, and being called a thousand more before the world goes dim. That sounds like something Durandal would claim to me.

2. So, if the text was by Durandal, who was he talking about? Here, I would definitely agree with Daniel, that he is talking to Cortana. It just makes so much sense. One thing I noticed is that the "she" in the text is referred to as "a sword drenched in my blood," and we know Cortana is the name of a sword.

Going on these assumptions, it would seem that Cortana has been around for a long time, at least as long as Durandal. Maybe the garden referred too is the computer where they were both designed. Just a thought. But this leads to the question, why didn't we hear of Cortana at all during the Marathon series? Well, here is my hypothesis. Marathon was the story of Durandal. Halo is the story of Cortana.

Whether this is valid or not, and how it actually works, I do not know. You decide.


This terminal is turning out to be quite the confounded beast, with connections coming out of it like pipes out of factory.

If Marathon is the story of Durandal, and Halo is the story of Cortana...what is the story of Ogier the Swordsmith?

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-Ape Man