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January 27, 2005

000111 | ? | ? | VII

In other words, "They're everywhere!"

Ah, numerology. Noting Bungie's penchant for sevens, one keen reader observes what might be a slightly more elegant instance of our favorite number.

Brian Adamson ( writes:

...the Gravemind by and large speaks in iambic septameter (Poetic style with seven beats per line):

"This one / is ma / chine and / nerve, and /has his /mind con / cluded,
"This one / is but / flesh and / faith and / is the /more de / luded "


"Silence / fills the /empty /grave, / now that / I have/ gone
"But / my mind / is not / at rest, / for questions / linger / on..."

In this case, "grave" and "gone" consume one beat for themselves [despite being single-syllable words] due to te long vowel sounds, allowing the cadence to continue. In the second line, the section "for questions" also consumes only one space, because the "for" is said very shortly.

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