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January 30, 2005

Religious imagery in a new light -

Ross Sager ( writes:

Re: The Ark
It should be pretty obvious that this is a
Biblical connection to anyone who has read the story
of Noah and his Ark. God warned Noah that he was going
to flood the Earth, and that Noah should build an ark
to escape with his family and the animal pairs, to
repopulate the Earth once the flood had receded.

Putting this in Halo terms:
-The Forerunner first encountered the Flood many years
ago. We do not know the location of this encounter,
but let us assume that somehow, the Flood got onto the
Forerunner home planet.
-The Forerunner, unprepared for the invasion, fought
hard to regain the control of their planet, but
realized it was a losing battle, and so built a ship
called The Ark to escape the Flood with as many
survivors as possible.
-After searching the galaxy for a suitable new
homeworld, they found Earth, and landed The Ark on the
planet to start anew.
-When they had enough resources built up, the
Forerunner decided that they wanted to find a way to
eliminate the Flood forever, for the good of the
galaxy AND to take back their beloved homeworld.
-They built the Halos, captured some Flood specimens,
and set about studying them to try to find a way to
kill ONLY Flood creatures, without harming other forms
of life. Until they found a way to do this, however,
the Forerunner decided that it would be best to
install the Halos' weapon system to kill ALL
(sentient?) life in the galaxy in case the Flood
-The failsafe for the system, in case one of the rings
was stopped from firing, would be the remote activator
that they placed on The Ark, now located on Earth, the
Forerunner's new homeworld.
-In the final chapter of Forerunner history, the Flood
somehow escaped, the Halos fired, and all (sentient?)
life in the galaxy, including the Forerunner
themselves, was destroyed. The Halos and The Ark
remained, and now the Covenant has unearthed something
the Forerunner left behind that has led them to the
Earth, and to The Ark, to use the remote activation
system for the Halos.

Presuming, of course, that the Ark is on Earth ;)

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