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February 3, 2005

It's not that we don't trust Miranda . . .

Michael Elliot ( writes:

I was going through the HSP this morning and came across this.

Now, post-Halo 2, we seem to know who Miranda is. The idea of her being one of Ackerson's little pet projects isn't too far-fetched to me. Unless I'm forgetting something from The Fall of Reach or The Flood, Keyes has no children that we know of. As an ONI spook, Ackerson might have had access to some sort of "UNSC DNA Database" and then-artificial insemination, etc. - would have lead to Miranda.

Don't forget that at the very end of Halo 2, Miranda is bouncing around, grabbing the Index, ducking large moving pieces of Forerunner machinery in the nick of time, etc. The first time I saw this I thought "Wow...that's just a smidge unrealistic." Then, during the whole "Ark" conversation, she doesn't seem winded at all. Also remember that for a long time, the Spartans operated sans armor - which is pretty much what Miranda does the whole time, even when she's dual-wielding SMGs against the Arbiter (which seems to me to be the ballsy sort of thing a Spartan would do, knowing how much one can rely on dual SMGs)
Unless you're Cody - JB

It seems to me to be the perfect cover: brilliant Captain is sent into a battle he cannot possibly win (the "Hey guys! Let's steal us a Prophet!" mission) to give time for Spartan "daughter" to grow. Spartan "daughter" teams up with real-deal Spartan, is instructed to help him and such, then nail him to the wall when ONI says so.

Just wait until John's evil twin shows up.

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