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February 18, 2005

He goes on further with some interesting observations on Flood biology vs. Forerunner technological security.

During the Gravemind level I wondered if Gravemind had an obvious control of Halo's teleportation system why then did he need to send the Master Chief and the Arbiter to stop the covenant from activating Halo? Why couldn't he simply teleport Flood forms right ontop of High Charity? I realised that it must have something to do with the teleportation system. During the construction of the seven Halo rings the Forerunners must have been aware of the Flood's ability to use weapons and machinery. When the Forerunners built the Halo rings and their teleportation system the Forerunners must have installed a security protocal that prevents anyone containing Flood DNA from using the teleportation grid. This explains why the Flood needed the In Amber CLad and pelicans to invade High Charity and couldn't simply teleport over.

This ties in neatly with the idea that Gravemind might be that rarest of things in this galaxy, a Flood-infected Forerunner.

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