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February 18, 2005

Analyzing the forms of the Flood, David offers a few general comments on hosts and their potential.

David McCulley ( writes:

While the physical aspect of a Flood victim would effect what class of Flood they would be transformed into (humans = worker/soldier and grunts = carrier/incubator), it occured to me that perhaps the Flood can choose what type of Flood their victims turn into by the social/military status of the victim. We know through Captain Keyes's battle with the Flood parasite that the Flood have the ability to cosume the memories of their hosts. Perhaps while a Flood infection form takes over the hosts body and suppresses their consciousness, the infection form also extracts the basic memories of their hosts. Then once an infection form has an understanding of their hosts basic social and military status the infection form can then determine in what form the host can better serve the Flood. This can explain why the Flood can choose so many possible forms for their hosts such as Worker/Soldier or Command/Pilot or mabey even Gravemind. Since the main source of hosts for the Flood are elites and marines when the Flood infect them the infection form instantly extracts the knowledge that their hosts are basic soldiers and transform them into worker/soldier types. Yet if an infection form infects someone of higher rank and is more knowlegeble than the average host, like Captain Keyes or maybe a prophet, the infection form will automaticly start to transform them into a Command form or make it apart of a Gravemind like form.

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