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February 18, 2005

Hey, ever get a feeling of deja-vu?
Time ... flies
Time ... wounds all heals
Time ... is pretty interesting when 343 Guilty Spark is involved.

LostRock ( writes:

When I saw Tartarus in The Great Journey trying to force Miranda to activate Halo, it struck me as a bit odd. Why did the Brute not do the honor of turning the Index himself? I began to consider that maybe the Index requires some sort of genetic handshake signal when it is turned, and since Keyes touched it first, it was up to her to make the fateful turn of the key. This handshake would be a security measure.

Then I terminated the idea. In Halo 1, Guilty Spark declared that, by protocol, he was the one responsible for the key on the journey to the control room. Since Penitent Tangent wasn't around to escort the Reclaimer, there was no chance to fulfill this protocol in Halo 2.

However, this hypothesis kept persisting in my mind. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized: Reclaimers are humans, and have never been any species but human. Consider the following.

Guilty Spark calls John-117, Mobuto, and Miranda Reclaimers." That is what he calls all humans. The Conversations From The Universe packet includes GS's files on "Cross reference Reclaimer terminology/nomenclature/slang for hegemonizing swarm 'Covenant' against self-descriptors." This page helped me realize that Guilty Spark calls humans "Reclaimers" much like how we name the Sangheili and Unggoy as Elites and Grunts.
Reclaimer is a species name, not just a designation or rank.

Remember in The Maw, Guilty Spark murmurs, "Human history, is it?" He puts an inflection on the word "human" as if to say, "Oh, so you call yourselves humans?"

Now, if the humans are Reclaimers, and Reclaimers are designated to snatch up the Index, then this suggests that the only purpose for humans' existence is to activate the Halo(s). We are the guardians of the Forerunners' ringworld artifacts, and we may very well have been engineered by Forerunners.

Another thing: the ending of Halo 2 implies that this "Ark", this Halo systemwide control room, is located on Earth (perhaps in the vicinity of New Mombasa?). And why not? What better place to put such a facility than on the homeworld of the species that the Forerunners entrusts with the Halos' activation?

Now I only have one question. What happened to OUR lost time, Guilty Spark? Not yours, but we, the Reclaimers'.

Time warp, that's why you think you've seen this post before.

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