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February 18, 2005

littlebigman ( writes:

I just got the Drone toy. On the back it explains that they operate ships and stuff. I was thinking, what other species of the Covenant operates machinery, oh yeah, the Engineers! I went to my Art of Halo book and looked at the engineer page. The title strikes me odd: Covenant Drone Engineers.

This is what leads me to believe that the Engineers are a variant of the Drone.

In the Art of Halo: page 46, "Covenant Drone Engineers: this species can be biomechanically and cybernetically altered to suit specific tasks, other than engineering and maintenance, and that aspect of the creature will be seen in Halo 2, if not the Engineers themselves."

So I think the Engineers are either a variant of the Drone or visa versa. The third tablet of the covenant shows a Drone there, and I think an Engineer should have been there, if that was the orignal species. So this leads me to believe that the pink floaty Engineers are actually varients; biomechanically engineered, of the Drones. And also, by looking at the concept art of the Engineers, it shows that at one point they appeared very similar.

Maybe this explains why the Drones work alone, taking their orders direct from the Prophets perhaps?

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