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February 20, 2005

The buzz on the Ark, so to speak.

Mr Munchy ( writes:

The premise of [I Love Bees] was that there was a device, found in deep space that, once activated, counted down to something (presumably something bad). That device was brought to earth, and, alas, activated. When that happened it sent a massive signal through slip and normal space, almost definitely alerting the Covenant to the position of it.

The Covenant came -- for the device, almost certainly, because they didn't bring even close to the military force they would need to conquer earth. In fact, they were surprised we were in the vicinity of the device at all.

Now, as for the bad thing that happens when the countdown on the activated device ends, it's probably the firing of the Halos. What does that sound like to you? The description offered by Guilty Spark of the Ark.

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