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February 26, 2005

We're one step closer to our comprehensive Halo schematics. Phantsmagorium wondered:
How do we know that Halo's weapon is energy based? What if it is some type of Flood based weapon that was developed from the early research done?
And coincidentally, this theory popped up on our forum.

Doctor_Nightfall ( writes:

It says in First Strike (Which, as has been mentioned many times before is Canon) that the Flood take over victims by 'hacking' their nervous system. Johnson's PNS and CNS are a bit scrambled by his Boren's syndrome, and so they were unable to 'hack' him.

This suggests that the Halo systems work by transmitting a signal that causes a catastrophic reaction in the nervous system. It would follow on that a Sentient being has a nervous system arranged in a specific way, or at least has a pattern to it that makes this Halo effect lethal. This same arrangement is what allows the Flood to Hack them.

Meltdown, not a pretty way to die.

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