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February 26, 2005

I'm loving angels instead . . .

Eagle 117 ( writes:

I'm purposing that the humans and Forerunners share the same relationship as man and angels. My meaning, there are "good" Forerunners and "bad/fallen" Forerunners, Gravemind being the latter. If the fallen Forerunners share the same relation to humans as the fallen angels do, then one would have to say that the fallen Forerunners interfered with humanity at some point in the past. Part of this interference, as was shown in the Dictionary of Angels/Fallen Angels, was through interspecies mating. To further this concept, does not a Spartan come off as a Nephilim type creature... a half-breed? Spartans look like man, but they're taller, faster, stronger, and smarter; so much so that other men have described them as alien like. As was exemplified in several instances within the books and games, the Spartans seem to have primal instincts when it comes to understanding the Forerunner tech and language. It even goes so far as Spartan blood. Remember the Forerunner chamber under the ONI facility on Reach that was accessed by Fred's, a Spartan, blood. (p.141, FS) If this concept were to hold, then it would mean that Forerunner lineage could be found in some humans. I'm suggesting that those certain humans are the Spartans. Spartans, after all, are the remnants of a galactic search for the "best mankind has to offer"... the only humans who could endure such drastic training and surgical enhancements.

To quote Trautmann himself:

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