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March 8, 2005

Technically, I think delta means 'the change in', but I'm willing to let it slip.

Sean Boyle ( writes:

I was sitting here reading about Halo 2 when this hit me. I see everyone referring to Installation 05 as the Delta Halo. I thought "Ok yeah, thats the name of the first level you are on that Halo." But then remembered Delta usually means change. Change. More than what you can say about the storyline of Halo. The whole time you are on Halo 05 in the game, there is a lot of change in the ranks of the Covenant, the Flood begin to spread like wildfire over the whole ring (and then to High Charity soon after) I'm just curious as to what other changes this 'Delta' could be hinting at? Besides the obvious ones of course.

Or it could be a diverging river. That's what speculation's all about!

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