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March 8, 2005

Icky! Flood transport forms, not half as friendly as Moya I'll bet.

Jeff Garza ( writes:

I was wondering about what 343 Guilty Spark said about the Flood altering the atmosphere. In what way they could alter it? After a while I thought that altering the atmosphere might prove necessary for the Flood to evolve.

In the movie Evolution, the lunar rock that landed started changing the atmosphere directly around it and, in doing so, different types of creatures emerged. I was thinking that if the Flood broke loose on a planet, and under the best of circumstances, the native race knew the danger of the Flood and left, the Flood would be relatively contained. Unless they made a giant Flood pyramid to get out of the atmosphere, but that's just silly.

So, back to the movie Evolution, as the organisms started becoming more prominent, the atmosphere near the initial landing point started changing so much that they needed the containment building around it. After they finally broke loose, they began to fly around and some amassed themselves into massive creatures. Put into perspective on Halo, it isn't too farfetched a theory and would definitely support how the Flood Juggernaut that BOLL found could be created.

I learned in Science that oxygen, to some life forms, is a toxic, poisonous gas and can be very damaging (i.e. rust) and can kill microorganisms (i.e. bacteria, germs, viruses, etc.) in the same way that Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide is dangerous to humans. So maybe the Flood can further their evolution if they change the atmosphere enough.

When I think about the changing of the atmosphere and the environment around them, it makes me think of Starcraft. A quite obvious parallel to the Flood is the Zerg, which has many iterations of the same larvae. Also, the Creep in Starcraft (the purple stuff that spreads from around the buildings) is the only thing that supports Zerg buildings and tells other players in the game when they're getting near a Zerg "base". The same thing could be with the Flood changing the atmosphere.

What if, for the sake of argument, the Flood changed the atmosphere enough so that they could create larger creatures (like the Flood Juggernaut) that could transport Flood forms to other planets? The Flood could, quite effectively, dominate an entire galaxy if enough Flood "Mass Transporter Forms" were created, slowly moving throughout planetary systems, killing all sentient life, taking more planets, and moving on.

Icky, icky, icky!

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