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March 8, 2005

Our Halo weapon analysis is so good - we only need to number crunch. This theory's pretty convenient then.

Jamaican Jim ( writes:

I was looking at these pages and noticed the suggestion that the blue beams from the towers could be simulations of Halo firing. This makes sense because in the level Halo not all of the towers fire at the same time. However, in Halo 2 when the rings primary weapon is about to be fired you see a large amount of blue beams fired at the same time.

This is speculated through Pentinent Tangent stating that the Halos had succesfully completed around 1.2 trillion sucessful simulation firings. Taking the amount of time it takes one of the blue beam towers on Halo (the level) to fire a blue beam, 3 times per minute, you get 180 simulations per hour. You then multiply by 24 to get 4320 simulations per day. Then multiply by 365 days a year, assuming this is the number of days in a local year at a Halo, to get 1,576,800 simulations per year. Then I took the 101,217 Halo lay forgoten as a time period to get 159,598,965,600 simulations in that time frame. Now this is short of 1.2 trillion simulations. However, if multiplied by seven, the number of assumed Halos in the galaxy, you get 1,117,192,759,200 simulations for all Halos which is only 82,807,240,800 simulations away from 1.2 trillion. But when you figure in that the Halos simulated firing before they were actually, while others were being created, and the fact that some simulations would be unsuccessful you can presume that the blue beam towers are Halos weapon and between periods of firing are constantly simulating them to leave little area for a malfuction or unsuccessful firing.

1,117,192,759,200. Not that we're like, obsessed . . .

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