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March 16, 2005

Before you start shouting about In Amber Clad carrying Gravemind off Delta Halo, give this theory some thought. It may just surprise you.

Jake Lanatti ( writes:

I was watching the Gravemind when I noticed how Gravemind teleported the Chief and the Arbiter. When they dissapeared it looked like the same type of energy left behind by Halo's teleportation grid. This got me thinking, and I think I came up with how the Flood got off of Halo.

I think that Gravemind was on Halo 04, but we just didn't get a chance to meet him. Now if Gravemind can tap into Halo 05's teleportation grid, who's to say he didn't do the same thing to Halo 04's? If he did do this, then there's a high probability he started transporting his Flood offworld as soon he could. That would be why Spark doesn't consider blowing the ring up, it wouldn't do any good if the infection has already spread. Of course he would have also teleported himself off once the ring started to fall apart.

Now there's the question of how far does Halo's teleport grid expand? We'll we know that it at least reaches as far as the immediate space surrounding the Halos. We know this because Gravemind is able to teleport the Chief to High Charity, which is hovering over Halo 05 in space. Halo 04's grid may even extend all the way to Threshold, or more specifically the facility we find in that planet. But then what? The infection would still be easy to contain if it were only on the three installations in that system (the hanging facility, the space station it hangs from, and the Halo) and wouldn't require Halo's firing.

This is where I go off on a limb. I think that there may be teleportation 'highways' throughout the galaxy leading from one Forerunner faciltiy to another. If this is the case then the Flood might have already spread too far for anything but Halo's main weapon. I know these seems like it came out of nowhere, but it explains the very scarce amount of Forerunner ships we see. They wouldn't really need that many because they could just teleport peoples and objects from one established point to another. However they would also still need some ships (like the Prophet of Truths Forerunner ship) if they wanted expand. They would need ships to go to new planets and 'anchor' new points on the teleportation highway, or to carry loads to big for the teleporation grids to handle, either way it would require ships but no a whole lot of them. It also explains how Gravemind and his minions got from Halo 04 to Halo 05, since it's unreasonable to assume that the Covenant woke up the Flood again on Halo 05, since they've only been there as long as we have, about a day.

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