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March 16, 2005

There was going to be an entirely different entry here, but Number 777 deserved something more interesting. Thusly, I give you: nanobots! It was the closest to time travel I could find.

Andrew McAllister ( writes:

I was recently reading an article on how an advanced civilization would escape the slowly collapsing universe. Then something hit me. What if the Forerunner are from another universe, but are not yet here? This may seem a bit odd, but one of the ways to escape a universe which is heading towards the "Big Crunch", involves sending a nanobot to the new universe instead of an actual being from the civilization. To put it briefly, the civilization makes a very small wormhole and sends one nanobot into this new universe. This nanobot is packed with DNA and many other things needed to remake the civilization on the other side. The nanobot travels at light speed into the new universe and lands on a habitable planet or moon. It then slowly builds a chemical factory that would make millions of copies of the nanobot. These bots travel to even more planets and moons, making even more factories, making even more nanobots. Soon trillions of these bots are expanding at the speed of light and colonizing an entire galaxy. At some point, the bots would create a laboratory that would allow them to inject the DNA of the original civilization and clone the species. If the scientists could encode memories and personalities into the nanobots, the civilization would essentially be cloned into the new universe.

Now put a Halo twist on it. What if the Forerunner were in the middle of this process? The Halos may be giant factories preparing for the Forerunner to be reincarnated. The Halos are giant worlds where a civilization could live. They have structures, factories, even the power to wipe out the galaxy of all sentient life. Maybe the Forerunner wanted a fresh, clean galaxy to start with when they woke up in their new galaxy. What if they did come to the galaxy, but instead woke up to the Flood. The Flood could be like an infestation of the Halo and 343 Guilty Spark and the Sentinels are trying to kill off the Flood to allow their masters to come back to the new galaxy. This theory may be stretching it a bit but I thought I would add something of my own for us to think about.

Out there like Pluto, man. Still, "preserved structures" on Delta Halo, the countless machines left behind . . . every theory has its merits.

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