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April 2, 2005

Mama always said I was going to Hell in a handbasket.

kiodane ( writes:

"Penitent" in my copy of The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary eventually leads in circular definitions to mean describing something that is self punishing for it's sins. I believe that after the Forerunner's downfall (possibly the first outbreak of the flood), 2401 Penitent Tangent committed at least one form of digital suicide. And since the flood are thought of as being very capable of repairing technology as well as operating host's machines, then Gravemind with the analogy of the fallen angels post in the news section would revive this fallen, yet regretful servant to the "lords".

But the quote I post at the top I mean to insight the possibility that 343 Guilty Spark was the one to release the Flood, perhaps with the intention to follow his original order to study the parasite and it's interactions with various life forms, including the Forerunner. Guilty knows what he did, perhaps even referencing his previous determination (the answer he's pondered to reiterate to the MC that if he could do it again, he would).

Guilty Spark is not a living organism and kept far enough away from Halo 04's gravemind to avoid capture and exploitation. That means that the release of the flood is hardly a concern to this being and therefore cannot be reasoned with to disobey it's orders.

I was just considering that perhaps the "level" of the Halos is similar to levels of hell, heaven, and purgatory that Dante brings up in The Divine Comedy.

If 04 is considered the middle of purgatory, then Guilty Spark would be unsaved, yet unrepentant. If you believe that the numbers of the monitors relates to a function of their Halo installation number, then an end-cap to the middle of 04 would be 01's monitor would be 1 (7^(Halo # - 1) = monitor #). Penitent Tangent is in the hands of a devil icon and perhaps committed an ultimate sin (suicide, by my theory).

Would that make monitor #1 the king, or the Metatron (closest angel to God with his own throne) of the Halo Monitors? Perhaps it's the reverse and 01's monitor is Satan for being so devoid of the number seven (Is more or less powers of seven evil or good?).

I also think that the secondary terms "spark" and "tangent" could either refer to their respective game's story line or the technology that is employed in the background of the story. "Spark" could refer to the ignition of the story with "tangent" meaning the distant and off-topic elements that inevitably weave into the heart of the plot. "Spark" could also refer to the intended firing of Halo 04 that isn't seen until Halo 05, and leaving "tangent' to refer to the teleportation system that both a recent HPS news post and the in-atmosphere slipspace jumping concept that is introduced midway in First Strike.

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