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April 26, 2005

Could there be more than one ancient race?

hisco scopea ( writes:

It has been assumed that the same species that built Halo also made the facilities on Reach, but I believe this is incorrect for a number of reasons:

First, on Halo we never saw tunnels with dirt floors AND geometric patterns the way the tunnels beneath Castle mountain are described. Nor did we see any doors activated by blood that seemed to open out of nowhere. Also, and probably the most distinct difference, is that Dr. Halsey mentions (p. 143) that the gigantic room where they found the crystal had no visible holographic emmitters. Now, we know from the levels where we activate maps and security systems in Halo that there ARE visible holographic emmitters. The environments and technology of the forerunner and whoever made the tunnels are quite a bit different.

I think the battle fought "900 000 years ago" could possibly have been fought between whoever made the Reach stuff and whoever made Halo.

Keen. Even if there are not two distinct races, the facilities on Halo and Reach certainly exhibit two very different... styles. Halo has its grand, sweeping valleys while the Reach caves have more of that "fleeing the homeland" motif, as though it literally was the way the Forerunner attempted to go "underground" to escape the Flood (another Ark of sorts). The holographic room certainly seems like a comfort added for those long, solitary years buried beneath a planet's surface. Hmmm.

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