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April 26, 2005

"These fragments I have shored against my ruins..."

HeLL_Penguin ( writes:

I remember first playing through Regret and such, looking around and wondering about the ruins. I mean, it simply just didn't add up that the Forerunner technology was given such a sleek & shiny apearance in Halo, only to be reworked as ancient inhabitants the next [though staff interviews have mentioned that the uniform, tidy appearance of buildings in the first game was a regret]. But on reading the Weekly What's Update for 3/28/05, in the description for the new map "Warlock" (Wizard) it is said that the ruined building "predates Halo itself, and that it must've been moved [there], brick by brick, with obvious reverence by the Forerunner themselves".

This sounds to me as if the ruins weren't actually integral parts of Forerunner technology or even design at the moment but more... decoration. Ditto the birds and trees. Either this or, seeing as Halo is apparently a testing facility as well as a containment facility, the environment could've been provided as a testing grounds for the flood? If so, were they at war with another faction in their race? or are the ruins and atmosphere from another race?

Hmmm. So, is this a sign of yet another race that the Forerunner once looked up to, or as Cortana hinted at when analyzing the Halo 05 craters and protected structures, are these ruins a monument to Forerunner destroyed in some earlier cataclysm? Or are they the last remnants of a world they abandoned, tokens taken with them? Hmm. Hmmm.

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