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April 29, 2005

I'm never one to turn away a Covenant sympathy theory.

Endbringer ( writes:

From watching Half-Jaw's conversation with the Arbiter it seems that Half-Jaw does not share in the suicidal mentality of normal spec-ops Elites. In The Flood we learn through Yayap that special operatives are regarded as "fanatics, chosen for their limitless willingness to risk their lives-and the lives of those under their command". Half-Jaw seems to be an exception to this portrayal. In the phantom we see that even though he is loyal to the Covenant he cares about his Elite's lives. Perhaps it is because of this mentality that he has advanced so far up the ranks that he is given an audience with the Hierarchs as a representative for the Elite Council.

Or are we a victim of our own propaganda?

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