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May 4, 2005

Speaking of Arthur C. Clarke... Are there Forerunner Installations on Jupiter?

Kristof K. ( writes:

In the opening scenes of Cairo Station, Cortana is conversing with Lord Hood and mentions unidentified signals near Io that need to be probed further, and this occurs immediately before the Covenant fleet arrives in system. Later, at the the end of Outskirts in the tunnel, Cortana reveals that the Covenant are surprised humanity is on Earth, which explains the small size of their fleet. My first speculative leap is that the strange signals near Io, Jupiter's moon, were a smaller advance group of Covenant forces.

It is my understanding of the Prophets in general, and Regret by relation, that they use Forerunner artifacts with spatial coordinates to find other Forerunner artifacts and facilities. If they sent a small, explatory fleet to our home star system with such an obvious interest in Jupiter, it stands to reason that there is some sort of Forerunner facility or artifact on Jupiter or one of its moons.

Jupiter is a gas giant. We have encountered, through the eyes of the Arbiter, an ancient Forerunner facility in the atmosphere of another gas giant (Threshold). It stands to reason that if the Forerunner had established a facility anywhere near Jupiter, it is probably very similar to the one the Arbiter travels to.

In the fight against the Heretic Leader in the hanger on the aforementioned Forerunner facility, 343 Guilty Spark is floating about. Hiding for a moment to avoid certain death, I noticed that 343 actually says things in this part of the game and I recall him saying something along the lines of, "This facility was built to study the military capabilities necessary to eliminate the Flood." Since it's already been posited that the Jupiter facility is similar to the Heretic controlled facility, it follows that the Jupiter facility also contains Flood and Forerunner military technology.

Thanks again for the story page and have a great day.

You too. If Halo 04 was any indication, the Forerunner weren't shy about building new installations in the same system as their older ones. If the Ark is on/around Earth who knows what old wrecks they've left strewn throughout the rest of SOL. Darn litterers...

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