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January 8, 2002

Nick Yacono ( writes:

The first thing that I noticed, that really brought me back to the good old days, is hearing the Covenant grunts screaming "THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!" just like the Bob's did in Marathon.

--Nick Yacono

Short but sweet. While we normally don't post submissions of combat dialogue (though plot-specific dialogue is certainly welcomed, and continue to send in any combat dialogue you find noteworthy, as at some point in the future we'll be compiling a list of everything the Marines and the Grunts say), this Marathon connection is just too good to pass up. They even SOUND like the old Marathon Bobs.
And on the note of Bobs...our very own Astro the Space Duck has a is physically possible, though very difficult, to FRoG Blast the Vent Core in Halo. Make of that what you will-and if you think you know what we're talking about, let us know, and don't hesitate to give it a try. We'll give you a prize if you can pull it off and take pictures. A BIG prize.

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-Ape Man