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May 4, 2005

The People's Court

David "Endbringer" McCulley ( writes:

As many Halo fans know, Bungie seems to have a love for slipping the number 7 into the story every chance they get and I believe I have discovered a few more examples. In the Heretic scene we see the Arbiter to be getting interogated by the Covenant Council. The Council is positioned where there is Elite members on one side of the Arbiter and Prophet members on the other side. †Each side seems to be composed of two sections, with 20 Elites on each section of their side and 17 Prophets on each section of their side. Add them up and you get 40 Elites + 34 Prophets + 3 Hierarchs = 77 Council members.

Another 7 example that may have been over looked is that in the begining of The Arbiter/Whisper in the Storm level, the assault team is composed of 4 Elites, 2 Grunts, and The Arbiter (7).

Tricky ;)

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