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February 17, 2002

Craig has some observations about the similarities between Forerunner and Covenant controls.

Craig Hardgrove ( writes:

My method of rampant speculation only involves visuals from the game. I think Bungie has given us a lot to work with if we just pay careful attention to many subtle details of the game.

Control panels on Truth and Reconciliation are same as those on Halo. This is most noted in the Control Room and in the underground complex with the flood. Covenant=Forerunner possibility. The most interesting control panel area on Truth and Reconciliation is an elevated platform above the large flight deck areas that the dropships leave from.

In 343 Guilty Spark, when you are in the underground complex with the flood, I have noticed a few areas (at least one) that consist of an entrance to a square hallway with three locked doors. After the flood have been released, if you go to those areas the doors have been blown off and you can enter the three rooms. These rooms appear to be holding cells for the flood. Also, there is a room in the level with a large glass structure in it, with a control panel similar to that on the Truth and Reconciliation and in the Control Room. When you first encounter the glass structure you notice gross green stuff (flood blood) dripping from the walls (at this point you are below the glass structure). These areas definitely seem like some sort of testing chamber. It also appears to me that the area above where you first enter the locked door and encounter the flood is some kind of observational area for the testing facilities. I say this becaus similar control panels to those in the control and room and on the truth and reconciliation appear there.

Bungie? Subtle details? Nah... ;-)

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