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May 25, 2005

We're all gonna turn into woollen puppets.

stewart701 ( writes:

Picture this: This "Ark" is not a space ship. It is not safehold. It is a computer. Similar to the teleportation grid on Halo, a matrix of processing nodes scattered across the surface of Earth. This computer, this superprocessor would work much like Deep Thought (The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy). It would work over millions of years to analyze the Flood and (hopefully) find a way to destroy them.

Meanwhile, the Forerunner put themselves in some kind of stasis, to be awakened by... What? Humanity, perhaps? Their horribly misguided children? No, I think that that was the purpose of The Covenant. To oversee this Ark. And perhaps, perhaps that is the reason why they hate us. Perhaps Humanity is not the child of the Forerunner, but of the Flood. That may explain some of the swarm-like quality of the Humans. That is why we infest the Earth. We know that if it fullfills its purpose, we will be destroyed.

Well, there's a particularly morbid thought to ponder. Humanity is Flood-spawn.

Looking around the HSP crew, that theory actually makes a kinda sense.

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