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May 25, 2005

Starting to sound like a seperatist . . .

Titus 117 ( writes:

In the cut scene in Halo 2, Uncomfortable Silence, the Prophet on the right says something to the effect of:

"Halo, its divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worth along the path, to salvation."

So, when the Forerunners activated the rings, were they just propelled to another area of space effectively starving the Flood by moving away without ships big enough to hold more than on person (Forerunner?). So if the Covenant activated the rings would they be propelled "along the path to salvation" and meet the Forerunners? This would certainly explain the lack of bodies (other than the Covenant) on Halo, even if their bodies decayed or buried they would still be there. Maybe the Forerunners acctully desined the rings to wipe all sentient life from the galaxy but they messed up and they were flung to another galaxy.

I say we cut our losses now and join their hokey old religion.

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