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June 2, 2005

A little rampant speculation to end the day, for Marathony fun

WSC ( writes:

The other day I was thinking about Halo, and how the Ark is supposedly on Earth. What if it's really on Mars? Maybe Regret only lands on Earth to find the key to the Ark or a map or to throw us off the trail.

The system where the destroyed Halo is also has the gas giant installation so maybe the Sol system also has many Forerunner installations (by the way, did anyone else think "Marathon" when they found an unstoppable chaotic demon on an installation orbiting an object described as a gas-giant?) I could see the Master Chief having to fight it out on Mars, or maybe one of Mars' moons (Deimos?) I doubt that they found the Ark on Earth - why would have left so quickly. Why leave at all, after uncovering the Ark so the dirty, stinky marines might find it? Then they nuked New Mombasa by running away anyway, not the way to treat Forerunner relics.

I also find it odd how the Covenant are so happy to glass planets that have Forerunner installations. In the book they burned Reach except for that patch where
the crystal was, what if they got their coordinates wrong? And in the trailer they were glassing Earth. That plotline was dropped and then in the actual game they had to land on Earth to find something. Why are they so sure about their directions?

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