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June 5, 2005

The meek shall not inherit the internet

Patrick Happel ( writes:

In regards to ths theory:

A bit of humility is good every now and then, but in this case it doesn't really fit. There are plenty of signs that have been pointed out that suggest humans may actually be the Forerunners, but even if we're not, we are certainly are more significant than dogs.

Say you had an atomic bomb which could blow up the entire world in an instant, and you locked it with a genetic key so that only the people you wanted to could set it off. Now think hard, would you put your dog's genetic pattern as the key? Would you create the controls so that only dogs had control of whether or not the bomb went off?

Even if humans are not Forerunners, the fact is that only humans have so far been identified as 'Reclaimers.' Only humans are at this point able to set off and disable the Halos. Humans are in control of the fate of the universe. If humans aren't Forerunners, we at least held some very high position in the eyes of the Forerunner, for them to have placed this responsibility in our hands.

This is also a strong indication that the Ark is indeed on Earth. If you're going to make the bomb so that only your family has the ability to detonate it, you want to make damn sure that the bomb's remote control is located where your family can get at it.

But maybe we were really, really good dogs.

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