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June 5, 2005

Asides from having a very odd taste in levels, he has some good points.

Gregory Prill ( writes:

I was thinking, after playing through my favorite level, the library, last night, about something 343 Guilty Spark says. Something to the effect of "The Forerunner isolated the flood to study them. Their survival as a race was dependent upon it." This got me thinking, to whom was he referring, the Forerunner, or the Flood. I think it was one and the same.

Consider the following:
The Forerunner were a super-advanced race, with limited, but still great power, like that it would take to build the Halos. The Flood were able to infiltrate, and destroy, nearly the entire race, to the extent to which the Halo's must have been activated. How would the Forerunner have the time to conceive, design, and build a weapon system such as Halo, not to even mention the Ark, whatever that really is, when locked in 'Mortal Struggle' for thier race's survival with the Flood? Logic would follow that if they could do this in such a short period of time, they most likely would have come up with a better, and less general, means of exterminating the Flood.

So the only other logical choice was that they built the Halo system in advanced, along with the Ark. This is where my logic ends, and I tend to go out on a limb, But I think the Flood were developed as something akin to Resident Evil's T-virus. In simple terms, they stored all their genetic code, and that of as many species as they could find and put them in the ark as a sort of Back-up File. 'Open in case of racial deletion' Then, they used the Flood virus as a sort of stimulate, making them stronger, smarter, faster, etc. But something went wrong.

Maybe the Virus mutated unexpectedly, or maybe for one-reason or another, it was altered to it's current form purposely, but something happened to cause the entire Forerunner Empire to collapse almost instantaneously. The remainder of their race fled to their only protection against such an occurrence, the Halo's, and the Ark. Since the Flood, while possessing a rudimentary intelligence, are driven but what has been called a 'primal instinct' to feed, another T-virus correlation, they would go to the nearest food sources, and since (almost) everyone went to the Halo's, (and they were the main threat, even a flood could see that) the Flood followed. Since the Flood had forced the Forerunner back, their 'antidote' to the virus, assuming they had one, would have dwindled while the fought vainly to defend themselves against the flood. Seeing that their only defense was about to be overrun, the Forerunner on the Ark fired the weapon themselves.

There is a theory that the Halo weapon is based on Electro-magnetic pulses, and I'll assume that now. The Pulse would have killed all the defending Forerunner on the Halo's but it most likely stranded the Flood on the Halo installations as well, leaving them to be discovered by an unfortunate UNSC Navy Captain 100,000 years later.

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