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July 5, 2005

Asides from being a Library lovin' freak, Cody comes up with some more 'evidence' for the Ark/Earth theory.

Cody Miller ( writes:

In the Halo 2 Special Edition manual, human buildings are described as primitive. However, with regards to them the Covenant are told "Our mission is such that we cannot simply level these structures".

Why are the buildings on Earth so important? They had no problem destroying them on Reach. Are the Covenant looking for something on Earth? An artifact perhaps? The controls to the Ark? There must be something important to them on Earth.

Cody also mentions that the Covenant manage to destroy an Earth building in the E3 demo, and I'm fairly sure Mombassa comes out of the skirmish with a little damage in the game. However, I think we can safely ignore those examples as 'artistic license'.

What is interesting is that the Forerunners tried to preserve old Aztec style buildings on Delta Halo . . .

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