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July 17, 2005

Forerunner bad! Flood hurt human! Human sad!

Patrick Malone ( writes:

I've been thinking a lot about the fact that the first Halo installation that the humans find (and the second, oddly enough), contains not only breathable oxygen, but also an extremely similar living environment with several entirely different eco-systems. All of these eco-systems exist on Earth, and are very familiar to the humans in frightening ways.

So why were the Halos constructed in such a way? Some people would speculate that it is because the humans are indeed the Forerunners, or that they had a close connection to them, but I'd like to suggest a different way of looking at things. What if the Forerunners found the humans to be dangerous? What if, at one time, we existed in much larger numbers and had begun to spread across the galaxy in a way similar to the Flood? The Forerunners were obviously superior and perhaps only thought of the possibility that we might exhaust the resources of all these planets we were on far too quickly. This also reinforces the theory that the Forerunners were not a bio-organic life form; rather a highly advanced and evolved robotic intelligence. But, I digress from my point.

The thing I wish to highlight most is my belief that the Forerunners built the structures in order to attract Humans to their demise. They would obviously have been curious to explore a structure that contained similar conditions to their native planet, and would have explored such a structure extensively. Once they were deep in however, the Flood would be released. This is where Guilty Spark comes in. He comes to the Humans with a solution. It sounds simple enough, activate the Halos and the Flood will magically disappear. But he's not telling the whole truth. The Forerunners WANTED us to activate the Halo in order to destroy humanity itself. Thus the Flood could be effectively contained, and the Humans would be destroyed, fulfilling their agenda.

Another thing that backs this up is the fact that the sentinels on the Halo were obviously never prepared to deal with a threat on that level. Once organic life forms (humans) reached the Halo, they'd have to activate it because the infection would have spread too fast to be contained conventionally.

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