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July 31, 2005

Random, and quite pointless. Story of my life.

Spartan-029 ( writes:

I was browsing the story section, and came across Devin Hallsworth's comment on Human technology, which mentioned that human weapons need to be reloaded, but Covenant weapons need to be recharged, which is inconvenient because you have to bring a recharge pack. Well, I've found in Halo that when a grunt hops into a shade, his weapon is fully charged when he is shot out of it. Thus, it seems, weapons can be recharged by Forerunner tech. In fact, that may be what those huge cargo boxes are for. Notice how weapons stick out of them in both games, yet they nevr have grenades? And how once the brute plasma rifle was introduced, red bins showed up as well? Perhaps they just stick them there to recharge.

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