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July 31, 2005

I like this one.

Russell Grant ( writes:

There's been alot of head-scratching over the final
cutscene in Halo 2, where Cortana is left with Gravemind.

After reading a couple of forums, I have a theory. In
the last section of Halo 1, (Hitchhikers may be escaping convicts) there has been speculation on why Cortana lied to Foe Hammer. One theory is that Cortana changed/went rampant after leaving the core of the
first Halo. Guilty Spark is angry that Cortana was in the core (and this is were I go out on a limb) because THERE WAS ALREADY A CONSTRUCT IN THE CORE.

Why else would the Forerunner have an entire computer control centre, when 343 Guilty Spark is perfectly capable of teleporting to isolated systems and fixing them from there, which would make them less susceptible to hacking from certain individuals such as Cortana. And why else would 343 Guilty Spark be so angry that a HUMAN (based on Dr Halsey's HUMAN neural patterns) AI is in the core.

Namely, because the Flood is engineered to hack human
thought patterns. Get the picture?

Halo itself is a prison for the Flood gene, but perhaps the core could be a prison for the virtual aspects of them. Possibly the core held segments of code made by the Flood (or even a Flood AI, we all know that Flood can interact with computer systems). In the case of a Flood AI, it could possibly function like a 'real' Flood by latching onto any AIs in the core (Cortana does look a little green when she's in the core, doesn't she?). Therefore, the newly corrupted Cortana could be controlled by the Gravemind. So Gravemind could have influenced her decision to stay on High Charity. And now that he has her all to himself, presumably he will pump her for information.

Might explain why she 'recognises' the Covenant AI, if the Covenant are so good at ripping off Forerunner technology.

Better cross your fingers, Cortana.

Or have you been doing that already?

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