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September 5, 2005

The only race we know to be immune to the Flood . . .

Asmus Neergaard ( writes:

While reading both the transcipts of Halo 2 and the book 'The Art of Halo; Creating a Virtual World', I stumbled upon something odd.

According to 'The Art of Halo', the Hunters are consisting "of a kind of colony of spineless worms..." (page 33.) The same page states that: "The Hunter's relative weakness in its cinsistent "parts" means that it requires generous armour and shielding to maintain the Hunter form." We could, from this text, think up a scenario where the Covenant discovered these worms and their ability to take different forms, give the worms the required armour and hereby assimilate the Hunters in the Covenant collective. However, in the deleted cutscene from Halo 2, where the 'Hall of Murals' appear, something odd appears. The picture with the name 'Age(s) of Conflict' depicts Elites standing on a bunch of Hunters. If we connect this picture with the transcript of the Halo 2 level, 'The Arbiter', the Prophet of Truth tells the Arbiter that Arbiters held important roles in the Covenant history, including "The Taming of the Hunters".

How come the Hunters needed to be tamed and won over, if they're only worms without Covenant armour. Could the Hunters' armour actually be another Forerunner mystery? If the Covenant didn't equip the Hunters for starters, who did then?

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