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September 5, 2005

So grey hair is an indication of leadership. Wu will be pleased.

Sprtn076 ( writes:

I couldn't help but notice, the higher the Brute's rank, the lighter his skin color is, and the more hair has. For example, the first Brute Captain you fight who has a brute shot, is a dark gey color, and has some hair on the back of his head, but if you look at normal brown Brutes, they have no hair, or at least not much, just some sticking up here and there. But back to my point, look at Tartarus, he has a mohawk and the hair on the lower back of his head, but the Captains only have the hair-on-back-of-head, do you see where I'm going? The higher the rank, the more hair they have. And also, they become closer to white, or albino rather, the higher their rank. Just thought this was interesting.

Well no, it wasn't exactly interesting. More like a cheap dig.

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