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October 13, 2005

A little dramatic, but hey, we've got Peter Jackson on board now. ( writes:

Miranda Keyes may have inherited her dad's resourcefulness, intelligence, and courage, but I don't thnk she has the late captain's respect for the rules, at least as far as Cortana is concerned. Cortana threatens to blow up In Amber Clad remotely when she's on High Charity. That would never have been possible with good old Pillar of Autumn. The very purpose of the level "Keyes" was to get the detonation code for the Autumn's reactors, which were protected by safeguards even Cortana couldn't break-and Cortana couldn't start the detonation timer until she was physically plugged into the starship's computer system. I assume that the same would apply to the In Amber Clad , whose explosion would destroy Halo 05 (Or blow up a good-size fleet for that matter) UNSC regulations would never agree to let that happen.

The only way Cortana could get the code would be from the captain of the In Amber Clad , Miranda. Miranda Keyes, hearing about what happened aboard Halo 04, decides to give Cortana the detonation code so that the Chief doesn't have to go through another ordeal to get the detonation code out of her neural thread. This is criminal considering just how much energy an exploding reactor can release, but Miranda trusts Cortana as a person. Jacob Keyes might have tursted her as a replica of Dr. Halsey, but he kept in mind that she was an AI, and therefore far more corruptible. This is something Miranda neglects. If, thanks to a rampant Cortana, the In Amber Clad blows a huge hole in Earth's defenses and lets the flood pour in from space, Miranda is entirely responsible for giving her the authorization to blow up the starship . It's as bad as strapping a bomb on MC's back and shoving him down a hole.

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